In the Media

If you want to read and hear my views on digitalisation for people, how the field of computer science and human-computer interaction can shape digitalisation for people, you can find some interviews and articles about it below.

I was invited to interview Peter Lau, who writes for Brandeins as one of your experts, about what they are currently working on, what excites them and where communication is heading.. „Digitalization must be there for people. It has to help me, understand me and give me freedom“. Interview with brandeins editor Peter Lau: „Es ist gut. Es wird besser.“ And a wonderful Illustration by Pietari Posti

Shaping digitalization for people. In this issue for IT Spektrum, the journal of the German Informatics Society, I talked with Johannes Mainusch about how digitalization can be designed for and with people. IT Spektrum 01/2022. In German.

Health care is undergoing a rapid change and digital technologies will ply a major role in this. I was sharing my view on the role of artificial intelligence and digital applications in care. Interview with the Techniker Health Insurance, Lower Saxony in 2022 (In German).

Artificial intelligence can improve mobility concepts and existing business models and enable new ones, Wie KI-Systeme Mobilität verbessern, Tagesspiegel 26.11.2020 In German.

An interview with Michael Riegler from the ACM SIGMM Records on my path journey into research from my youth up to the present and my volunteer role of the director for diversity and outreach. Interview in the ACM SIGMM Records, Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2019.

Business model innovations through AI: In this interview I anwered questions in a video report at the Digital Summit 2019: about KI and SMEs. What added value does AI promise for companies and SMEs in particular? Do companies have to transform themselves into tech companies? And what should they bear in mind when implementing them? Interview by Lisa Treugut from Plattform lLernende Systeme. In German.

I was interviewed by the University of Oldenburg’s Magazine on my research on digital technologies that people actually want to use because they fit well into their daily routines. A portrait by Tim Schröder for the University Magazine EINBLICKE in 2014.