Visiting Katie Siek at the University of Indiana Bloomington

After I met her a few times before and great events  looking into the future of pervasive health (such as the Dagstuhl Seminar on Life-long health behavior change technologies) it was a pleasure to meet her in her current research environment. Katie Siek is a Professor at the University of Indiana – Bloomington and a very active researcher in the field of pervasive health. It was a pleasure to also meet Sriraam Natarajan, who is working in the field of machine learning. Recently he is working on very interesting analysis of health data. On of the projects aim to predict events, such as risk to cardiovascular diseases, increase in coronary artery calcification levels, ER (emergency room) readmission etc. from longitudinal data using machine learning – very interesting. With Raquel Hill, who is a professor in Computer Science I discussed the notion of trust in computing systems. This relates to ongoing research in Oldenburg in in which my colleagues are studying the role of trust in automotive user interfaces. I also met Tanja Singh who involved in a research project on  with low socio-economic status. The check-in tree is very interesting and also very related to our work in CONTACT for connecting persons in palliative care with their loved one. Looking forward to the results of the studies and new prototypes. Thank you UI–Bloomington for this nice visit.