Visiting FXPAL

At the end of this wonderful sabbatical I was spending time at FXPAL. For many years a wonderful research friendship connects me to this lab. Lynn Wilcox and Andreas Girgensohn are working several related field of multimedia as my own team. We know Dick Bulterman, the current  President and CEO, FXPAL for a long time from our previous research in multimedia authoring. It was a pleasure to meet all of them again. What is also very exciting that our PhD student Torben Wallbaum is an intern at FXPAL and working on a exciting topics. It was interesting to hear about their new work in the field of hypermeetings that support meetings with asynchronous attendance. Andreas Girgensohn recently presented the conceptual design of his work on „Hypermeeting: Supporting Asynchronous Meetings with Hypervideo“ at the ACM Multimedia 2015 conference in Brisbane. It was very interesting to see the system in action.