A wonderful research trip from East to West

What a wonderful summer! I have spent two month traveling from East to West though the US visiting great research labs along the way. I thank all the researchers and their teams who invited me to come visit their labs. It was a pleasure meeting you and your colleagues. Thank you for your time discussing research ideas with me. It was a pleasure to talk about my research and get involved into discussions about our ongoing work. Thank you for sharing insights into your recent work and projects and that you shared your experience in research and teaching with me. Thank you for being wonderful hosts. It was a great summer. Thank you Andrew Kun (University of New Hampshire), Pattie Maes (MIT), Micha Pavel (Northeastern University), Mor Naaman (Cornell Tech), Nevenka Dimitrova (Philips Research), Tanzeem Choudhury (Cornell), Anind Dey, Pedja Klasnja (University of Michigan), Hari Sundaram (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Katie Siek (University of Indiana, Bloomington), Halley Profita (UC Boulder), Eric Hekler (Arizona State University), Donna Spruijt-Metz (University of Southern California), Ramesh Jain (UC Irvine), Gillian Hayes (UC Irvine), Yunan Chen (UC Irvine), Dick Bulterman, Andreas Girgensohn (FXPAL), Lynn Wilcox (FXPAL) and your wonderful students and colleagues!