fEn03tC6Welcome to my homepage. I am Susanne Boll and I am Professor of Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Oldenburg, in Germany, which I also head as department director since 2013. In 2005, I joined the ranks of the executive board of the OFFIS–Institute for Information Technology in Oldenburg, an associated research institute of the University of Oldenburg. Within OFFIS, I act as the scientific head of many international and national research projects in the field of intelligent user interfaces and initiated  the Human–Machine-Interaction Competence Center which I still oversee as a scientific head. In 2012, I was elected as a member of the board of the institute. OFFIS belongs to the top 5% out of 1200 non-university research institutes in Germany and is ranked 14th among 250 non-university institutes in computer science in Germany, according to the German National Science Foundation in 2012.

My research interests lie in the field of multimedia and intelligent user interfaces. I teach Web Engineering and Media Processing in the Bachelor Programme in Computer Science and offer lectures and practical lab courses in HCI, Wearable Computing and Digital Fabrication. I am leading several national and international scientific projects with much cooperation with research experts world wide. I head one of the few leading groups in Europe that works on mobile and ambient user interfaces exploring different novel modalities such as visual, auditory and tactile in pervasive displays. We strongly embed our research in the field of personal health and save transportation as a major application domains.  I am very proud to work with wonderful people in Oldenburg that make our research visions happen.10835327_1034217089925207_1518513884350799680_o

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Thomas Olsson from Tampere University of Technology is giving a presentation on 'Personal ICT - a disruptor or enhancer of face-to-face interaction' at our Oberseminar today. He is staying with us for a two months research stay, and just arrived some week ago: Welcome to Oldenburg, Thomas! ... See MoreSee Less

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Full house at our Industry 4.0 day. Interesting talks and discussion about innovations and potentials of digitization and next generation production not only for large factories but also SMEs and small trade. ... See MoreSee Less

Volles Haus beim Praxisforum Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0 - man munkelt, es gab heute morgen nur noch Karten auf dem Schwarzmarkt... 😉 Vorstandsvorsitzendender Prof. Wolfgang Nebel eröffnet d...

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It is becoming increasingly important to teach computational thinking in early childhood given the growing use of computing, algorithms and data in a variety of disciplines.
But how can we develop a positive image of computer science for girls and young women? What are some good methods for promoting computational thinking among girls?

In our new project, playfully monikered SMILE, our goal is to use smart environments for motivating learning opportunities for girls. Moreover, by involving teachers and parents in the process, we want to ultimately increase the number of female computer scientists. Yesterday, we had a successful kick-off with our project partners in Bremen and we are very excited about the next 3 years. So SMILE with us 😀
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Johannes Schöning from University of Bremen is visiting us today and gives a talk with the interesting title "The Shortest Path is Dead - Novel Ways to Get from A to B". He is presenting different approaches to improve navigation and wayfinding support systems. ... See MoreSee Less

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